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Thinking Errors

A man in thinking and looking up

People don’t want to change – they want their circumstances to change. That’s the problem.
Oftentimes, I see people divorce just to end up in another dysfunctional marriage; quit their job just to end up with another unhealthy work environment and so on: it is common to think “I will be happy if I get married”, or “I will be happy if I get a divorce”, or “I will be happy if I win a lottery”, “Find another job”, or “If only I had kids” or “I will be happy when my kids leave for college” etc. Thinking that circumstances are to blame leads to feeling stuck and disappointed.
The truth is, your circumstances are nothing other than reflection of your inner self. Your personality creates your personal reality. Change your personality (insecurities and negative self talk, limiting beliefs and priority of values) if you want to change your personal reality.